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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hide Find Design 30

Hello Everyone, It is time for another GREAT!!! HFD. If you have never done this before, it is super fun! You get a bunch of free pieces--14 this month-- to use in a layout and then when you post that layout over in the CraftyScraps forum you get a full mega kit for free! So easy! Keep scrolling for the DL.  I know we have all been quiet for a few months, but health issues have kept us away.  We are hopefully all back now though and we will be starting again with the challenges over in the forum.  Michelle has already started her Bingo and I will hopefully have my Template challenge up in the next few hours too.  The other gals are getting theirs going as well, so stop by and check them all out.  Before you get to what you came here for though I want to show a few things from the store, store, blog, and the forum.....
 These are just a few of some of the new stuff in the store, blog, and forum.  Lots of freebies in all 3 places.  Ok here is what you came for.....I don't have the preview of the kit yet, but the first DL is my 2 pieces, then after that there is another DL of Maureen's pieces--she doesn't have a blog so I am giving them away here--You should have come from Michelle's blog.....
Here is my part
   Here is Maureen's part.......
and your next stop is over at Heidi's blog...........Can't wait to see all those LO's!!!
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