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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Treasure Hunt Time at Crafty Scraps Store

Hi everyone!  Want to win some awesome Freebie Mini Kits?  That when all put together make a great huge kit---94 elements and 49 papers??  Well then pop on over to the Crafty Scraps Store and participate in our awesome Christmas Treasure Hunt going on.  This is how it works--Michelle gives you some Riddles that pertain to particular Kits, then you browse through her Store and find the Kits for each Riddle.  You will need to click on that kit to get the mini attached to that kit. When you solve all 8 riddles you will get the kit below.  Don't you just love the gingerbread men??  I sure do and the colors are soo cute.  LOL  Anyway hop on over to the store and Happy Hunting!!
While you are there check out Michelle's awesome 50% off sale.  She has so many darling kits you don't want to miss this
 Here are just a few of the things available in her store--she has a lot of freebies there too---go check it out!!!

And because you stayed here long enough to read this loooong post, I have a little something for you :)  It is for PU.  Enjoy!!!  The black background is for preview only.  Click on the preview to DL.
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