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Saturday, August 20, 2011

What a day!!

Today I was helping DH outside.  We got a new toy--a hedge trimmer and I was helping him cut some of the flowers/bushes.  I got my finger instead--Can you say ouch!!!  It took forever to stop bleeding.  Now when I go to bed DH will look at it and see what he needs to do.  He didn't think it needed stitches, so that is good, but if I bump it good it still bleeds.  I can't move it though cause its all taped up.  I dread tonight when he takes the bandage off.........I think it will be a sleeping pill night.  :)  Luckily for all of you next weeks kit has already been posted.  Hope it heals before the next one is due, cause my computer time is very limited.....one handed is not fun.  LOL  I definitely HURTS!!


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