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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So I have to tell you about something that happened yesterday. Jacob was at school and in between classes he called me with a panic in his voice and asked my what the deans list was? I told him then with a totally different attitude he said "Then I am on it" It was cute. He was excited after learning what it was. He is excited I think. He called me today in-between classes and said he had asked for a copy and he got a certificate. Congrats Jacob

The weather today is so gloomy outside. I really dislike the winter months. I like to see the sun now and again. I think I will move to AZ :) Just kidding DH's job is here, so I guess that is where we will stay.

Yesterday I finally put all my LO's into folders to proof read, then I can send them off to Blurb to have them printed. I have 3 books from May 1987- to the end of 2007. The rest of 2007 until the present is not enough pages, so will just continue working on that until I get enough. I am really thinking of not making a Dust-Jacket on them. I really LOVE the look with the DJ, but I really don't like books with them on. I usually take them off anyway. I talked to my sister this morning and she is feeling the same way. Any suggestions? I know it is my own decision to make, but I just don't know what I want I guess. Anyway does someone want to come and proof them for me????? You know you want to...... I really want to get them all done, so I can start on other projects that I have. (pics my MIL gave me and I still have my recipe book to do, and I need to get caught up on Spencer's book)

I just heard on the news, that it was colder in Florida than it was here in SLC. That is kind of scary. Not much to say, so I guess I will go scrap some more. LOL

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